“Tips on how to Market your product and services”

Marketing is the “LIFE BLOOD” of any businesses without it your business is like a stagnant water as it was which cannot run fast. Some of the marketing people often find strategy on how to deal with it.

Here are 5 EFFECTIVE tips “On how to market your product and services”:

  1. Business Prospecting. You should conduct a survey of your target location and target customer’s information-contact number is very much important. In short, make a list of CUSTOMERS.
  2. Telemarketing. You have to make a cold calling techniques directly to the customers. Thru it, you have to set an appointment with them.
  3. Appointment with Clients. Make sure that the appointment schedule is both in favor to you and your clients.Be prepared to handle an objection. Be professional to what you say.
  4. Follow up call/message. Always follow up your client and keep in touch with them. Make them feel they are special to you.
  5. Close the SALE. Do your best to close the SALE.

This could help you in so many ways in marketing products and services.




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img src=”https://carolcaramol0309.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/abstract-ai-art-373543.jpg&#8221; alt=”abstract-ai-art-373543″ width=”2999″ height=”1999″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-247″ />Marketing can fully grow with the use of technology.Spread widely and targets clients and customers.It smoothly flow by using the newest trends of todays generation.Where trending events lead to linearity of profits.

People are changeable and they follow what is new and updated.
They are switching from old techniques to new.

Thus technology can be a better part for Marketing niche.



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2019 a refreshing insight is here to share.Marketing and how it affects in our daily life situation.

More of our MARKETERS failed to do their real task situations. We couldn’t notice on how hard it is for them.

But How and Why? I observed and had an experimentation about.And it took me so long to identify the relevant information.

Until I come out a good source and its really true.

Will share it here…Reasons why Marketers really failed because of the following:
1.They really don’t know the product and services they offer.
2. They don’t know the Marketing edge.
3. They are blind of technique s and tactics.
4. Lack of self confidence to do their work.

“Marketing in our Day to Day Life” (Reality 2017 Lesson 1)



This is how Marketing evolved in each year of our life.Some of our Marketing Strategies would now left behind and some are much applicable than ever.

It is how human and other aspects of our life begin to change the trend. We couldn’t stop it and the only thing we can do is to go further and go with the flow.

Marketing has stages and cycles and is also related to a human life cycle. You couldn’t believe it but its real.

In reality Marketing has its own life, has a mouth to talk with the customer, has an eyes to look over the possibilities and opportunities, has an ear to hear the client’s feed back, has a nose to find which product is an odorless investment, has a face that much attract a customer’s attention, has a hand to lend others to become more productive and efficient, has an emotion to show to its subordinates and co-founder, has a life blood through referrals of an outstanding services, and most of all has a “HEART” to love and help other’s dream to come true without expectation of return.

For those who want to indulge in business learn the precious and essential life of a “MARKETING”. “It is not only a word but it has also a life that is worth to protect”


“MARKETING (Reality 2017)”


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Nowadays, some of our Marketing Staffs and Personnel are experiencing tough issues regarding on how they deal with the word “Marketing” on how they can manage and turn it into action.

Marketing is an aspect that needs an effort to be more productive—its all about ACTION. Without it the strategy you made is worthless. In this year, it is better not to rely on theories, we should be based on reality.

REALITY where all of your knowledge in Marketing is applicable and can be used in any Organizational growth.

In a MARKETING WORLD, here are the five common and useful steps in Marketing:

  1. Make a list of your target clients.
  2. Conduct a business prospecting.
  3. Make use of telephone for your telemarketing strategy.
  4. Jot down all interested clients and their information.
  5. Close the sale.

Fliers and leaflets are not necessarily appropriate as to what I’ve observed of today’s Marketing strategy. Its a matter of wasting time and effort at the end of the day you know it would be recycled in a trash bin.

We are now in the year 2017, most of us now wanted to have a product testing and demonstrating. To see the real product is important and “not the blurred product that we’ve commonly seen in fliers and leaflets.

People are often buy because of the Sales person’s approach but not the information given on the leaflets and fliers.

You can define now on how Marketing evolved in each year. We all need a subjects for “Marketing which based on REALITY”.